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Terms & contitions of use Global Escorts (G.E.L.)

1) This site is operated by one person Chris Troy, London. G.E.L. do charge for faster registration, bold profiles of agencies, banner advertising and photos in agencies profiles.

2) Cost of VIP services are available at price list

3) We provide also free services for normal users who want to write some reviews or rate agencies profiles. Also free agencies can be registered, but the registration takes 25-40 days. Paid agencies will be listed within 24 hours for 50€. Agencies can pay for bold profile for 21€ per month (minimal 6 months payment)

4) G.E.L. will at all times use its best endeavors to ensure that the site is available for viewing without interruption but cannot guarantee continuous service should a fault occur with their server or for other reasons, beyond their control, that may prevent the site from appearing.

5) G.E.L. offers free access to any person wishing to view the worldwide directories and other sections of the site that may be made available from time to time. All visitors are welcome to join as a free member and enjoy the benefits of the site as detailed and as may be adjusted without notice.

6) G.E.L. offers the opportunity for Agencies, whether individuals or trading entities, to advertise their services (within the listed genres), free of charge, in the appropriate sections of this site. The amount of information and or photographs that can be displayed is dependant on the type of service. G.E.L. requires the information and photographs submitted to be accurate and truthful and the service provider agrees not to upload any images that may contravene any local or international laws. This includes close-up images of genitalia and the touching or inserting of or into genitalia. Furthermore all Agencies guarantee that they or the individuals whose details they are posting are of a legal age to offer such services in the country or territory in which they are based. ANY advertising or suggestion of under age sex will be removed from the site and reported to the relevant authorities. The advertising, promoting or requesting of unprotected intercourse is strictly forbidden and members who contravene this condition will have their membership revoked without notice. G.E.L. does not accept responsibility for any misleading advertising of which they were unaware but agree to remove such articles immediately on receipt of proof. G.E.L. cannot be held responsible for content of sites linked through their pages and are, therefore, out of their control. By registering for listing their details, Agencies will be able to apply for the facility to change the photograph and details at any time. The service provider agrees that they will not permit anyone other than the registered member to have access to any facilities granted to them.

7) Members agree without question that any reviews submitted become the copyright of G.E.L. and may not be used, adapted or reproduced outside of the website by the reviewer or any third party.

8) Any disputes that may arise are to be governed by United Kingdom law

9) These terms and conditions are published in good faith and may be subject to alteration without notice. (G.E.L.)

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